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Get a comprehensive report every week with detailed statistics and analytics of how you use your Gmail or Google Apps email.

Email Intelligence for Everyone

Hourly and weekly volume, top senders and recipients, thread length, average response time... With Gmail Meter, you can get all the data that you need to know about your email. This is business intelligence software for everyone. 

Free, Easy & Secure

Gmail Meter is free, takes minutes to set up and it is designed so that all data processing happens locally in your Google account. Your email data never goes through our servers, nor is it exported or processed outside of your account.

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Trends & Patterns

Uncover Usage Patterns and Be Better at Email →

Gmail Meter reveals the numbers behind your email usage. By knowing more about how you use Gmail you can improve your email efficiency. Some of the items Gmail Meter reveals:

Response Times

Learn how long it takes you to respond to email and how quickly others respond to you.

Daily & Weekly Trends

Understanding your businesses's peek email activity on an hourly and daily basis.

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Private & Secure

Your Email Data Never Leaves Your Google Account →

Gmail Meter is designed so your email data never leaves your Google Account. We use Google Apps Script to analyze your email data and your own Google Docs/Drive account to store the metadata. 

Google Apps Script

Gmail Meter uses Google Apps Script to process your email account data. Google Apps Script is a cloud scripting language that makes it easy to automate tasks across Google products. The Gmail Meter code is publicly available in this tutorial published by Google.

Local Data Crunching 

Gmail Meter stores all metadata used to analyze your email locally in your Google Docs/Drive account. After running Gmail Meter for the first time, you will see a new "Gmail Meter Data - Do not delete" file in your Google Docs/Drive account. This way, your email data never goes through our servers, nor it is exported or processed outside of your account.

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Free & Easy

Start Getting Your Free Email Analytics Reports In Minutes →

Gmail Meter is a web application developed with Google Apps Script. There is nothing to download, and it just takes a minute and a few clicks to start processing your email data.

Install in Minutes

You only need a Gmail or Google Apps account to get your first Gmail Meter report. It may take a few hours to crunch your email data for the first time.

Completely Free

The current version of Gmail Meter will always remain free. We are working on a version of Gmail Meter suitable for domain administrators that would like to obtain reports for entire Google Apps domains.

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Got Questions? We Have Answers →

What is Gmail Meter?

Gmail Meter is a tool that analyzes your email and sends you a weekly report with analytics and detailed statistics. Gmail Meter is developed and maintained by ShuttleCloud Corp. The original version of Gmail Meter was developed by Romain Vialard, a Google Apps Script Top Contributor, who is now a consultant for ShuttleCloud post-acquisition.  

What is ShuttleCloud?

With nearly 2,000 customers, early adopters in higher education like Stanford and Harvard, tech companies like LivingSocial and BigCommerce and hundreds of small businesses all use ShuttleCloud to manage their cloud data. ShuttleCloud is a software platform that powers the movement and management of data across cloud services. Companies use ShuttleCloud to transfer data such as email and contacts, migrate to Gmail for Business, export employee data and move data during a merger, acquisition or rebranding, etc.

The company received a Security Hall of Fame award from Google in 2012 after discovering a critical security vulnerability.

Does Gmail Meter have access to my emails?

The Gmail Meter script is run client-side from your Google Docs/Drive account and not on our servers. As such, we do not have access to read your emails.

I am already a Gmail Meter user. How do I use the new version?

In order to use the latest version of Gmail Meter you will first need to remove the previous version. You can remove the previous version by following the instructions below on uninstallation. Then simply get your first new report at by clicking start now.

How do I uninstall Gmail Meter?

1. When you signed up for Gmail Meter you received an email with uninstallation instructions and a link to the uninstall the script. Please start the uninstallation by clicking the "Uninstall Gmail Meter" button. When the URL opens in your web browser click the "Uninstall" button.

2. You will now need to review the access that you granted to Gmail Meter when you first installed the script. Visit your Google account page in your web browser and choose "Security" on the left and then click "Edit" in order to view the authorized applications. From this list you will be able to revoke the access for Gmail Meter.

3. Lastly, simply delete the file in your Google Docs/Drive that is used for storing the Gmail Meter data: "Gmail Meter Data - Do not delete". Make sure to empty the item from your Docs/Drive Trash to permanently delete the file.

How do I request a Gmail Meter feature?

We'd love to hear your feedback. Please use the Feedback link on the right.