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    Email Analytics for your Gmail Inbox

  • Email Statistics & Analytics

    Assess key metrics and learn your email habits

    Gmail analytics tool

    Automated reports on your email usage

    Sent to your Gmail inbox

    A comprehensive report is generated with statistics on how you use your Gmail or Google Apps email account. You will automatically be notified with a link to your report via email whenever a new report is ready.

    Track email traffic and volume with Gmail Meter

    Visualize your overall email traffic

    Number of sent and received emails over time

    Gmail Meter provides histograms on cumulative sent and received emails, broken down by hour and weekday.

    Measure KPIs like average response time

    Track your average response time

    A major KPI for customer-facing teams

    In addition to your average response time, both your quickest response time and your average first response are also provided.

    Learn more about how you communicate through email

    Details on your most vital communications

    Get insights on your most emailed contacts

    Drill down to your statistics with specific individuals, see your response time for these contacts and the optimal time to expect a reply.

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  • Got Questions?

    What is Gmail Meter? 

    Gmail Meter is a tool that pulls your email data every month and sends you a report with analytics and detailed statistics.


    Gmail Meter is developed and maintained by ShuttleCloud, a software platform that powers consumer email migration solutions for several large enterprises, including Google, Comcast, and Yahoo. So have confidence in our knowledge and expertise as a trusted partner to some of the biggest technology companies in the industry.

    Are there any kinds of emails excluded from analysis?

    Yes! You are correct, our tool automatically excludes any emails that have been deleted or marked as Spam. This way, only the relevant data is analyzed!

    How are metrics calculated? Do you have access to my emails?

    Great questions, Gmail Meter uses only the metadata found in the headers of your emails to generate reports. We access this data through Google supported APIs and all authorization protocols are actually managed by Google. 


    We do not actually access, read, or process any of the content of your emails and have no plans to ever do.


    All data that we do analyze is processed in memory, meaning none of your raw data is stored. The data we do store are the reports generated for you, and these stay within Google's Cloud.

    I have more questions!

    No problem at all, please feel free to email all other questions and inquiries to hello@gmailmeter.com.

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